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Bookkeeping and Invoicing

For any business or busy professional, it can be highly time-consuming to match transactions and reconcile monthly entries.


With the skills and tools that our virtual assistants possess here at Uassist.ME, we can assist you with invoicing and billing so that you can save time and focus on running an organized and profitable business.

Popular Bookkeeping and Invoicing tasks our VA's Help With:

  • AR: Invoicing / Collections – We handle Invoicing and collections at the most efficient way. The process is very simple. We organize every invoicing process so we can start collecting from your customers.
  • AP: Billing / Payments – All billing processes are handled in a very detailed way. We take care of your payments in an orderly manner for following up purposes. We can also take care of receiving payments and contact the customers if needed.
  • Expenses – It is very important to track where the money goes so we have created a process to be on top of that. This will be the best way to keep this information at hand!
  • Account reconciliations – It’s the end of the month and you will need to know what two balances match between two accounts? This is also our job! If you need help with this we can take care of the reconciliation process for you.


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For any business or busy professional, it can be highly time-consuming to match transactions and reconcile monthly entries, our assistants can help.
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